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Friday, August 12, 2011

While She Was Out - Spoilers

While She Was Out was an average movie for me.  I gave it three stars.  I did like the way the movie unfolded her "crappy day" or you may have looked at it as her regretful unlucky life.  The tension was good in the first half of the movie and then it seemed like the a competely different person was writing the story.  The whole deal with the tool box was kinda dumb.  Have you every carried a tool box around?  They are not that light and they tend to make noise with the tools shuffling around.  Della was kinda badass in the kill scenes even though they were completely unrealistic.  I dont think she could have embedded the tire iron in his face like that for realzies.  I know that you are probly thinking that its just a movie and only for entertainment.  I know its "entertainment" but, I feel the movie had more potential.  Anywho, I whould not go out of my way to watch it agian nor would I recommend it to anyone.  Leave a comment on your thoughts about the movie. 
Moday August 15 Movie will be The Lost


  1. Good points there.
    I guess I'll add one more thought to my comments about this average movie.
    Yeah the opening of the movie was promising more than the rest could deliver. In fact I think the whole story was. And it was a really short feature at less than 90 minutes.
    WellI like this Movie Club idea and will look up the next movie.

  2. This comment contains some Spoilers.
    The Lost was a disturbing movie to say the least. I liked the way it played out almost like a documentary but I'm not a huge fan of serial killer movies although I've watched a few of them. This movie reminded me of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer but I liked The Lost more. However my favorite is The Silence of The Lambs. The actors were all good and the story felt very realistic. I had no sympathy for the killer even if I felt the film was trying to make me understand the killer's motives and see his point of view at times. My sympathy was with the victims and with the killer's friends who seemed to be afraid to stand up to him and at the same time went behind his back. I was hoping the girls would not have to die but if they hadn't it wouldn't have been much of a serial killer movie. The killings at the end made me feel very uneasy and almost sick. I guess that means the scenes were very well made as was the acting. The terror of the victims felt very real to me. Still I think this movie was a lot better than While She Was Out.
    A good choice. I would probably never have found it if not for this Movie Club.