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Monday, August 29, 2011


I know I sent out a post about "expanding" on a different site.  I don't think I will be doing that after all.  I made the content to post on the site.  The site had problems approving me because they did not want me to use my name.  They sent a letter saying I can't use a name that is being used on different site and, they said that do like approving girls that have public wishlists, websites (my blog), or work on different sites.  I ended up deciding that this was not going to help me at all.  I cant even post my blog link on my profile on their site.  I understand not posting another cam site but, give a girl a break.  They will also own everything that post or upload to the site, so I cant use the photos or videos anywhere else nor watermark them.  I feel like I need my own site. Anywho, the content I made will start going up on myfreecams unless I find a different site I would like to try.  Don't panic I will not ever be leaving myfreecams as long as I am camming. I will be on cam today @6 pm central time.  I cant wait to see you all.  Let me know your thoughts on it by leaving a comment below.


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  1. Ok.My totally irrelevant thoughts.

    1. Do what YOU want to do. You are the boss of your business. But, don't get cheated out of your stuff. So, I guess getting your own site sounds like a very good idea. At least in order to maintain copyright control and not least control of the profit. Granted it also means a lot of work.
    2. If you do find a site with acceptable conditions that might be good, I suggest to try it out.

    Those are my thoughts.