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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bra Tease Testimonial

I recently had a fan send me a testimonial on my clip Bra Tease.  

Oh Hayden!

I found your site yesterday, and one clip got me so excited!

I do have a bra fetish. And I do stare at girls' bras through their shirts, pathetic as that sounds. 

So I was thinking about your bra tease video all day today. I couldn't wait to get home and buy it.

It's a bit embarrassing but I was so turned on watching you tease, telling me about your bra and how you knew I had a bra fetish, I couldn't even last! I came before you even finished unbuttoning your shirt! 

Don't worry, I watched it again, stroking all the time and keeping myself on the edge of climax until the end when I let it all go staring at those beautiful breasts of yours.

Oh, God, that was so nice Hayden. I think you drive me crazy teasing me with your bra. I feel a bit ashamed knowing you know I have a bra fetish but... any more bra videos I should watch? Or are you planning to do any more?

Thank you!!

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Charlie x

I love getting mail like this.  If you have a testimonial about a clip that you have watched send it to me!  Leave you comments about this clip in the comments below if you have enjoyed it too.

Bra Tease (1280x720)  -

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