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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Reminder For Those That Need IT

Some of you need to be reminded how things work in my world.  If you want to be included, you play by my rules not yours.  Contacting me about custom content is welcome but, have your shit together before you do.  That means read my Custom Video Page.  

1. Be ready to pay my fee and make sure your email is as detailed as possible!  I welcome photos or videos as examples of what you are wanting.  If I have questions about requests, I will email you back to make sure I understand what you want.
2. I will email you back the quote with payment options.  If you email back asking questions about other forms of payment, I will send you back a link to my custom videos page.  Read it!
3. If you email me back weeks after your quote has expired asking if is OK to make the payment, you will be ignored. I understand that you may need to save up for your custom but, don't ignore me weeks or months after I have given you my time to respond to your email.  If you cannot afford it, email and let me know.  You can always send me a request in the future.  Remember my current rates start at $70 and go up in price.
4. If I stop corresponding with you through email, it is because I have grown tired of your bullshit!  Continuing to email and asking questions will not help.
5. Do NOT tell me how to respond to in my responses.  Asking me to say certain things because it turns you on is an automatic fuck up on your part.  You have pay a tribute for fucking up that bad.

Remember I do not have to offer custom videos.  The fact that that I offer to have your kinky fantasies played out by me is a gift.  When you enter my world be respectful and prepared.  

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