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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Everything is Wet

Sorry I have not been in cam in the last two nights.  Been kinda crazy around here.  The toilet upstairs broke and started flooding my apartment.  I noticed water showing up on the floor in the bathroom and surrounding rooms.  The water was dripping down the walls on the inside.  Its a mess.  They "fixed" it.  I know they had to put a new toilet upstairs.  On the plus side, it did not mess up the remodel.  Just the old carpet areas got wet (camroom, dining room, and bathroom).  I will be on tomorrow even if I have to move everything to my bedroom again.  I did get a new picture set finished.  I will have it up on the profile soon.  It's call Seeing Red.  It will be in the pic set section at the top of the profile.  Follow twitter for updates.

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  1. Well...watar dripping down the wall in the basement was how I noticed there was leak under the sink from the pipe feeding water to the dishwasher. Had the plumber here yesterday to fix it. The leak had happened due to the first plumber being careless when installing a new faucet for the sink a few months ago.
    Im glad there was no flooding of your remodeled areas but it sucks there was a flooding all the same. So much work that you could do without. Anyway totally understand you have to take care of it before getting on cam.