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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rules for Contest - New Members Please Read

Since I will be doing several contests next month, I thought I should remind everyone the rules about my contests.  I know that most of you know them but, this is for mainly for new people that will be playing.   Most of this seems like common sense but, I have had so many problems with prizes in the past. 
Prizes are not transferable – You cannot trade your winnings for something else.
Points/tokens cannot be transferred to another player – Once the points/tokens are on the board, it is permanent until the end of the contest.   You can gift points/tokens to players but, you must let me know before it goes on the board.
Winnings -  If you win something that is a package prize that you do not want, you can decline that item.  If you win and decide that you do not want any of the prizes in the package you can decline the entire package prize or gift the entire package prize to another member.  You must claim prizes 5 days after you win or you completely forfeit all winnings.   Prizes that need to be scheduled (example: SKYPE) must be scheduled during that five day time frame. 
Claiming your prize – I will email the winner and ask for the information for the winner to receive the prize.  If you do not get me the information I need in the 5 day period you forfeit the prize.  I am serious.  When I ask for your mailing address and email and only get one then I will not send a second email asking for the rest.  You are all adults and I cannot chase you down weeks after a contest trying to get you your stuff.

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