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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year New Stuff

My MFC profile is currently under construction.  You may have been to it lately and noticed some stuff is missing.  Some stuff is going to be gone forever and some stuff is being updated.  I felt it needed a fresh look for this year.  I was getting feedback from many of you that it was too long and unorganized.  I will do my best to make it easier to navigate.

Live Cam times will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 5-9 central.  I will tweet when I am getting on cam or if I am not going to be on that day.  This will start January 12.

I was getting some harsh emails about my public shows.
Not finishing countdowns
Not flashing for tips
Not getting naked fast enough
Not taking video and picture purchases off the countdown

Here is a secret! - Its my room and I will run it the way I wish.  You get to see my cam for FREE.  That means public chat is FREE.  I do some really hot shows in public chat but, it is not free.  It is up to you all to tip for these shows.  I also do Group Shows sometimes but, the people bitching are probably not going to hit that button at the top of my video feed. 95% of the people complaining about these problems are people that don't tip.  They just lurk in my room all night waiting for the show to happen. 

Not finishing countdowns - I have stayed on for 10 to 12 hours just to finish countdowns getting 10 tokens here and there.  Most of the people that tipped for the show have been long gone for hours.  I am not going to to that anymore. It is a goal to a public show meaning once the goal is met I will do a show in public or get naked.  If you are tired of waiting you can ask me to do a private show with you or you can be a hero and tip to do the show. 

Flashing for tips and not getting naked fast enough - If I have a countdown til naked, I am not going to flash you just because you throw 20 tokens at me.  Its a countdown for a reason.  Again if you want to see me naked you can ask me to do a private show or you can tip to get me naked in public chat. 

Not counting video and picture purchases toward countdowns - I am sorry to those of you that have been complaining about video and picture purchases not counting towards countdowns.  I know some models count them and some don't.  I feel that if I take the tokens off the countdown and give you a video then I am essentially giving you a free video.  I have to make a living too.  I am not asking unreasonable amounts for my videos.  I run video and pic set specials often so, if you are low on tokens then you can wait for a sale. 

If you have a problem with these conditions, then you can watch one of the others of hundreds of models online.  You might enjoy them more.  Do not email me bitching about how I ripped you off because you waited three hours for me to do a show after you tipped me 50 tokens.  Or you tipped 75 tokens for a video and I didn't take the discounted video price off of the countdown. 

I didn't want this blog to be a negative one but, I needed to get that out.  I don't like being called greedy.  I feel that I am fair and  give as much as I can to my fans. 

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  1. Good post. Sometimes the rules need to be spelled out. I've always found it strange how those who never contribute a single token are almost always the ones to complain the most about what they're getting or not getting.
    Anyway I'm looking forward to the new updated profile page and I'm sure it will be awesome just as everything else you do.
    And last but not least, you're doing a splendid job. But I think you know that. :)