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Friday, July 22, 2011

Camiversay Half Way Point

We have days left till my Camiversary month is over. :(  I have a some fun stuff still planned so, you need to be following me on twitter for updates.  @spoilhaydenhart  If you dont have a ticket in the bucket for the camiversary you still have time to get it.  Make sure you get in there so you have a chance to win.  The Wall of Fame is still growing.  It will be staying up till the end of August so if you waiting till the last minute to get up there your banner will have an entire month on the wall.  I still have a few videos to edit and add to the list.  Sometimes they can be a pain.

On to other stuff.....I will not be taking a vacation this summer like I thought I would.  I just have no time right now.  The garden is looking lovely still.  The flooding has stopped for now but, Im hoping they fix it permanetly soon.  They tell me my place has the worst problems with the flooding.  Thsi month is half gone but it still feels like it just started.  The second half of the year is the best part anywho cuz my birthday is in October.  (Just a reminder *wink*)  Not really sure what I will be doing for my birthday.  I normally know way in advance.  kisses to you all and lets finish July with a bang. 

1 comment:

  1. Well...So far it's been a great ride to celebrate your Camiversary with you. I sure hope the month will end with a great big bang.
    Glad the garden is looking lovely. How about some more pics of it? Sorry to hear about the flooding, do wish they fix it for good asap.
    No vacation...I hope that won't make Hayden a dull girl...:) I hope you'll have one later on. Lots of hope in this comment, hope its a good sign.
    Your birthday this year must be really special. The last one before the big 3-0...We should all help to make it special. Just a thought.
    Ok, long comment but now I'm done...