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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy Sunday

Lazy Sunday.....yea right.  I really think Sunday is my busiest day of the week.  I like to get all the odds and ends done that I dont have time to do during the week.  I still think I might go to the pool for a while.  You know some Hayden time.  Im planning a new photo shoot soon.  Im thinking beach.  I need to find some location possibilities and swimsuit.  Planning on getting my car to the shop tomorrow.  Im scared what they will tell me.  I really need start looking to buy a new one but, I was trying to hold out a few more years.  If you still have not gotten your raffle ticket for the May Raffle your time is running out.  It ends on the 31st.  Tickets are 50 tokens for 1 ticket and 90 tokens for 2 tickets. 

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  1. Another nice blog post. Always interesting to read them. However I do hope that the car trouble will not cost you an arm and a leg to fix so that you won't need to look for a new car straight away. Do hope you get to go to the pool. Will look forward to the beach photos.