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Friday, October 28, 2011

Vacation Trip

I know you all are waiting to hear about my trip.  I went to Colorado for awhile as a treat to myself and had a great time.  I went to the IMPROV one night and saw Orlando Jones.  I recommend seeing him if you get a chance.  He got me laughing so hard that I could not drink my wine.  The aquarium was fun. I brought my gnome to take some pics.  A kid thought it was a free toy and tried to walk off with him o.O  Tried some places to eat out there that were so freaking yummy.  I recommend anything at Rock Bottom.  I went twice.  First time I had THE LAREDO BURGER and the second time I had CAJUN FISH TACOS.  The night I went to the comedy club I went to the Hacienda Colorado and it is amazing.  My starter was SPICY QUESO BLANCO with CHORIZO.  I had the SLOW-ROASTED BARBACOA BURRITO with the Colorado sauce as my main entree.  This was my first time as this restaurant and I hope its not my last.  Service, atmosphere, and food were all top notch at the Hacienda Colorado.  Every time I go to Colorado I have to get a donut or two from LORA's DONUTS AND BAKERY.  I always get a powder and something else.  I am a huge donut fan and these are the best I have ever had tasted hands down.  Links to the restaurants at the bottom.  I don't have pics from the Improv because cameras were not allowed.  I did go shopping while I was in Colorado but, I went for my birthday and it was the best day ever. 


Links to find the restaurants
Lora's Donuts and Bakery (facebook)

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  1. Sounds like a really great trip! Thanks for the food reviews and the links. Made me hungry enough to want to go to Colorado. Nice gnome pics too. :)