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Friday, February 11, 2011

Drinks with the Girls

Last night was great.  I had a chance to see my best friend.  I know that seems like no biggie but, we are both busy ladies without much free time.  We got to catch up and talk about all the juicy gossip that has been happening in each others live.  Some of you all know bits and pieces but, we will keep such details to a minimum.  As the evening ticked on, we ended up on the topic of possibly doing a show on mfc for real.  No details have been carved in stone but, I will keep you updated if the ball sets in motion.  I told her that everyone sends their love from MFC. 

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  1. Taking time out for your best friend IS a biggie. For you and your friend. What the rest of the world thinks on the matter, matters not. At least that's my opinion.I'm glad to read a post like this one.